Karakal BPV forms a part of Karakal Security Consultance, Ltd. which specializes in providing unique solutions for intelligence agencies and private organizations throughout the world. Find out more about Karakal Security Consultance, Ltd. at www.karakal.co.il.

Our armored vehicle division consists of a factory that manufactures armored vehicles using the most advanced technologies in the world. The materials we use are consistent with the international standards in the field. Our materials are complex and lighter than any type of iron or armored alloy. The material we use is dyneema plates that are engineered to meet the highest standards.

We manufacture vehicles at different levels of armor, starting at the lowest level (4B) and up to the highest levels (7B). Unlike other manufacturers, our manufacturing process is designed to meet the specific requirements of each customer. Upon request, we can add unique bullet proof perforations on the vehicle, to suit the nature of the work the vehicle is designated for. We can also add floor perforations to enable grenade throwing, smoke shower systems, and different electronic systems such as: a public address system, concealed and/or exposed blinkers, bomb detonation systems and more, upon request.

We manufacture and market vehicles for diplomats, embassies, police forces, businessmen and women, and more.

Among Our Clients:

The American Consulate- Jerusalem, Israel
The Canadian Consulate- Jerusalem, Israel
The Secret Service in Spain- La Guardia Civil (Civil Guard)
The Secret Service in Colombia- DAS (Departamento Administrativo de Seguridad)
The Israeli Ministry of Defense
The Special Forces- United Kingdom
BBC News (British Broadcasting Company)- United Kingdom
Channel 10 News- Israeli Television
Israeli National Water Company- Mekorot

And more…

Our factory aims to provide much more than an armored vehicle. We will see you through the entire process, and be there to assist you on all matters pertaining to security. We are much more than just another factory that manufactures armored vehicles- we are a security company that can provide a variety of special services to special clients.